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Children's Academy

Academy dates 2.3. - 29.6. / 7.9. - 19.10. 2023 (training days are: Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

ACADEMY PRICE: 14.800 CZK (includes 25 training sessions in a group of max 4-5 children. One training session 50 min).

If you are interested, please write to: martin.besta@vysehrad2000.cz , or call: 777 880 004

We offer you a program of children's golf training. Gradually teach children the basics of the game, rules, etiquette and generally broaden their awareness of golf as a sport. The content of the training sessions is comprehensive, with other practical and theoretical topics directly related to the game technique and the continuous development of the child's performance and personality. Of course, there is the possibility of obtaining a certificate of competence, individualization of equipment and more.

Thank you, we will contact you as soon as possible.